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Glen Road & Old Laxey
Laxey Laundry
Deepdale complex, Glen Road, Laxey IM4 7AB
Laxey Laundry
Laxey Laundry
Laxey Laundry
Laxey Laundry
Laxey Laundry
Laxey Laundry
Sales: General laundry services
Year established on current premises: 2003
Previously based elsewhere: Under what is currently the Mona Lisa, Glen Road, Laxey
Total staff: 11
Full-time: 5
Part-time: 6
Job roles: Driver, laundry assistants, 2 directors
No. staff live in Laxey: 9
No. staff live outside Laxey: 2
Previous use of premises: Antique shop, previously coal bunker circa 1950s and slaughter house around 1900
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